Welcome to My Cancer Chronicle Blog

Welcome to my blog, My name is Tom Conklin, I am in my early/mid 50's and I have been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. This site is to help me cope and hopefully help others who are or know someone going through and/or about to go through cancer. I will try to chronicle every step, every experience in a frank and sometimes very adult way. Most are from e-mail to friends and family, (my support group)keeping them informed on my journey.

Merry Christmas all, I hope everyone has a great holiday. It's nice to celebrate with family every year and this one was no exception. It's been pretty rocky the last past weeks, lots of ups and downs. I don't want to jinx it, but it looks like I'll leave 2016 on some what a high note anyway. If I don't get to update, have a Happy New Years!

What's new? I added my treatment plan on the right side menu and also what I have found that works so far to help counter act the affects of the treatment and the cancer in general. Please feel free to email your helpful hints as well. I will add to it as I find more stuff out. I will also add some recipes as I get them later so keep checking back.

I know I may be a little erratic when comes to updating the site, if you would like to be notified, send me an email at: tomc@mycancerchronical.com and tell me you would like to be notified on site updates. I will send you an email every time I do an update. Thank you for your interest.

I am a strong believer in the therapeutic value of cannabis and find it criminal that the US government will not allow it to be studied for it's medicinal merits, while opioid s are given freely to anyone who wants them, even children. If it's not a crime, it should be.

More About Me

I spent my life pretty much healthy. My childhood was the last time I was hospitalized for anything. My immune system always seemed better than most people, I would rarely get colds or flus and no real allergies to note. I did however smoke and quit in 2000. I thought I was home free as far as lung cancer was concerned, But a tumor behind my left eye soon proved otherwise. So this is my journey, my hope is this will help others as well.

Please, please take this blog with a grain of salt. Except for the doctors, nothing about this blog is scientific and your experience may be totally different than mine. I am conveying what I am going through and what I am doing to help myself, this may or may not help you. Please challenge your professionals treating you, but realize in the end, they are trained to take care of you and cure you. I am not. Educate yourself on the matter as much as you can, but in the end follow the advice of your trained professionals with years of experience and education behind them.

December 27, 2016